Update 1.30 - New devices and tagging system

Update 1.30 brings significant changes to device management. The previous structure with device models, model types, and component types will be eliminated and replaced with a tagging system. This enables precise and comprehensive mapping of your devices.


- A device no longer needs to be associated with an object; it can exist independently.

- Tasks and notifications can be directly created for devices (e.g., sensors can notify about specific device failures).

- QR codes can be generated for devices.

- Pricing rules for different tasks can be assigned at the device level.

- Maintenance logs for individual devices will be available in PDF format.

- Devices can be shared among collaborating partners.

- Visibility of devices can be granted at the user level (e.g., a southern region employee doesn't need to see devices in the northern region).

- The tagging system allows grouping devices based on manufacturer, color, model, etc. It also allows grouping of sub-objects and parent objects.