Update 1.31

In the July update package 1.31, we focus on devices - ventilation, mechanical doors, machines, pumps, and fire and alarm systems.


  1. Spare parts management for devices + history
  2. Option to add service and product articles to tasks or quotes
  3. Price quote and task activity list have been unified in the same format
  4. A task can span across multiple objects (i.e., if there are sub-properties or devices, separate activities can be marked for them)
  5. Accepted price quotes can be divided into tasks with just one click, without needing to do anything else (and can be automated, so that when a quote is accepted, tasks are immediately generated)
  6. Added object type "ADDRESS," which essentially flips the relationship between the address and the object, allowing the entry of a free-form address in tasks, which will have a history and become searchable
  7. Default settings for pricing rules have been moved away from property, company, and organization forms and are now editable in the same place as category pricing rules.
  8. Pricing rules now include a field for "deductible time from work"
  9. Tasks or issues can be created directly from the object view
  10. "Custom fields" can be attached to tags, and when a tag is added to an object, those fields will appear
  11. Functionality for "forwarding confirmation" where, at the object level, a user can indicate that the user must confirm all actionable tasks - individuals who need to confirm the tasks are listed below in the task log panel.