Updates 1.32-1.34


  1. A button was added to the search bar that allows searching for sub-tags.
  1. Timeline was added to price offers, indicating who and when made changes.


  1. 1. Planner bug fixes -
  1. 1.1 Visual glitches occurred when moving items for a longer duration (10 seconds and more), this has been resolved.
  1. 1.2 "Active" tasks that were started a while ago were not visible for every configuration (depending on how far in the past/present).
  1. 1.3 Tasks outside of the workday could be "invisible" under certain conditions if the next day was not visible (e.g., placement ended with the end time of the workday, now 23:59:59).
  1. 1.4 Tasks outside of the workday, if they were the first in line and the workday ended, immediately pushed the following tasks after it (only occurred outside of the workday hours).
  1. 1.5 Active task "shifted" in situations where preview of changes was shown (i.e., preview calculation was active) and this could lead to incorrect positioning (visually broken).
  1. 1.6 Graph tasks were calculated incorrectly in preview calculation.
  1. 1.7 In single-screen view, the "visible area" was calculated and more data was loaded than necessary - could cause slowness in some cases.
  1. 2. Activities related to price offers in PDF and summary views.
  1. 3. Added indicators for activities (done, not done, not started, total).


  1. Added the ability to search by full code (e.g., LTD-45789) in searches.
  1. Clients can be searched by registration number.
  1. Objects with numerical names only are searchable.
  1. Numeric search is no longer interpreted as a code, but directly searches from all necessary fields.