Update 1.39-1.41

Version 1.39

  1. User tags - from now on, users can be grouped (e.g., by departments, regions, etc.). You can also view analytics on their group's work, add schedules for entire groups, and select views in the planner based on groups.
  1. Comments and files can be added to articles.

Bug fix:

  1. In the planner's two-day view, there was sometimes a situation where the correct position couldn't be identified when transitioning from one window to another.

Version 1.40

  1. When planning tasks, technician recommendations are now provided based on their previous work, location, etc.
  1. "Alpha version" of analytics feedback collection was added.

Version 1.41

  1. The option to change issue types was added, and task creation from issues to tasks became several steps easier.