All in one solution for device management

Manage your devices across the properties, their maintenance schedules, error fixes and operation history in one place.

Device register

Product and model based structure to manage all your devices

Saago device module allows you to simultaneously manage the data of the device you service and its location on the sites. As well as the history of the work performed and the future maintenance work scheduled.

Schedule policies

Easy to add maintenance schedules

Create maintenance schedules for devices or properties that can maintain your schedules and optimal workloads indefinitely. Add a schedule rule, list of activities and off you Go!

Good overview

Detailed reports online & ready to download

Saago online report module makes it easy to analyse the duration of work, measure efficiency and plan optimum maintenance times for the future. 

Web app designed for mobile

Mobile friendly assistant

Technology needs to make it easier to get the work done, and that's what Saago does. It has been designed from scratch with mobile in mind to help the user easily access information, manage the daily tasks and digitally complete the "paperwork". Taking a signature from a client has never been easier!

Simple search

Tag any device or system and nothing gets lost

Saago has a built in TAG system that enables you to create device, property or system based data tree, so nothing ever gets lost. Searching a lost device is no longer a problem.

Start managing your devices and increase your efficiency today!

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