Connect all your subcontractors in one easy to use system

Share your devices, systems or properties between different subcontractors and monitor signed tasks in real time. All data and documents move seamlessly.

Share devices, systems or properties

An ecosystem where everything is traceable and controllable

Saago's data-driven workflow management software allows you to share your devices, systems or properties with contracted subcontractors who can store all documents digitally in one place.

Digital maintenance log

All recurring maintenance tasks in one place

Saago's digital maintenance log, meeting legal requirements, provides instant access to properties and devices to backlog fulfilled maintenance schedules. All data is automatically stored with the corresponding properties or devices and is available on Saago at any time.

QR code based notifications

Create a simple referral channel for your customers

Property and device based QR code functionality is a built in module in Saago. We enable customer notifications to be automatically routed to Saago and managed from there. 

Online price offers

Price offers that are simple and logical

We allow you to easily and quickly generate a quote and send it to customer for approval. Customers can send back-and-forth customer feedback, both in real-time and upon confirmation. Having confirmed an offer, just lauch the work and assign the tasks to your worker or subcontractor. 

Integrations & interfaces

Saago's API and interfacing capabilities help create clarity

Saago's open API and integration possibilities make it very easy to start using our software. Your company does not have to give up the use of existing software, just fill in some integration information and you're good to Go.

Create an effective ecosystem and increase your efficiency today!

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