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Integrations give you a good overview regarding possibilities to integrate Saago with your existing tools or you can read how to integrate Saago.

Standard books

The most comprehensive business software in Estonia with a wide range of different modules - nearly 30 different modules, to support the daily business.

Merit Aktiva

State of the art accounting software for entrepreneurs and accountants. Easy to use and easy to implement.


Versatile business software that offers updates and additions that meet business needs and requirements. Directo OÜ is an ISO 27001 certified software company.


Revolutionary facility sensor producer that can be installed instantly. Weather you talk about trash bins, gel sanitazers or people counter - iBiot knows how to do it.


With MODERAN, you can manage your commercial real estate portfolio more effectively. They know how to give you portfolio overview, different key metrics, utilities and of course lot`s of integrations.


Simple accounting software for small businesses! Better access, easier login, more automated processes, and a more compact system.


Fast and intuitive web-based accounting software that provides you with a clear overview of what's happening in your company and helps you make better decisions.